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Small drops can lead your Digital Transformation

ValorCloud OÜ is the latest member of ValorConseil Network ( Intended to remain fully in English, it is based in Estonia and its purpose is to deliver our services worldwide.

Many SMB still underestimate the benefits of the Cloud and collaborative tools. Entrepreneurs focused on their business are unaware of opportunities in financial, economics and operational relevance. We deploy for you the best professional Cloud technologies to optimize and secure your digital assets.

Do not forget that training, briefing or self training is often required to properly leverage power of technology…

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Microsoft to replace Skype for Business by Teams in Office Pro Plus

Office 365 users will still be able to install Skype for Business, but it will not be included in the Office package anymore. They will have to go to the application installation section to find it. In a few weeks, they will find Teams installed by default with the Office package instead:

In an effort to improve and streamline user’s initial experience with Teams, Microsoft is making an enhancement so that the desktop Teams app will now be downloaded automatically when new users with Office 365 ProPlus licenses first download the Office Pro Plus apps. We’ll begin rolling this feature out soon. After this change takes place for your organization, Microsoft Teams will be included in the initial user download with other apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel in their Office 365 ProPlus subscription. Users will no longer need to separately download and install Teams.

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Power BI Dashboard for Office 365 is live

As an Office 365 administrator, you can now activate your Power BI Dashboard and get valuable and rich extract from your users activities. No need for an expensive license, the Free Power BI one will work fine.

To activate this feature, get to your Admin/Report section, get down to the last bottom right tile and activate it. After a while, you will get the ability to crawl your data through a fun and comprehensive UI.

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Microsoft improves Teams… again

No month passes without Microsoft adding a new feature to Teams. After catching up after Skype for Business, Teams gets some missing administrative features, like the option to see a list of existing Teams’ teams.

A list of all teams in your organization is now available directly in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center. Simply click on “Teams” in the left navigation and select “Manage Teams” to see this list.

A lot more real features are coming, most in the telephony domain, like SLA handling, call parking, etc. More information here.

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General Data Protection Regulation

We accompanies you in your compliance process

The General Data Protection Regulation enters into force next May, it was definitively adopted by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016 and will be implemented in the Member States on 25 May 2018. It applies to any organisation storing or manipulating personal data concerning a citizen of Europe. It is important to emphasize the “wide” definition of personal data, including the IP address of an individual’s computer, first name, family name, email address and phone number. This law imposes many obligations to secure information, tracing any data processing, and affect organisation’s processes. Your entity’s compliance requires that you review your tools, processes, and all the organizations you deal with (suppliers, partners, administrations) as you are responsible for them. 
We developed services to detect the necessary actions for small and medium businesses and organisations to meet compliance.

SMB and similar organizations

Starting from 250 employees, a company is required to create a DPO (Data Protection officer) position whose function will be to manage the conformity of its establishment. The organizations targeted by our services have fewer than 250 employees and therefore do not have the obligation to appoint one. 
It is to be remembered that our recommendations are structuring in terms of technical solutions. We rely on the Microsoft Office 365 platform and possibly Microsoft Azure as a complement.

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Default to 64 bits: at least!

For users with Office pack benefit (Business Premium, E3 and more), Microsoft will switch to 64 bits applications download by default.

Office ProPlus and Office 2019 will now be installed with 64-bit as the default setting. Previously, the default setting was 32-bit at installation. This change will begin rolling out in mid-January, 2019.

In our opinion, Microsoft should have switched long time ago. But let say it is never too late to do the right thing…